Female Body Armour


Female Vests

Global Armour dedicate time to ensure we have a continuing awareness about how our products are used. We believe customer demand is pinnacle and with this in mind, we stock a fully certified range of female vests; all tailored with fit and functionality in mind. With breathable, heat control fabric as standard, we aim to maximise comfort, along with providing high quality ballistic protection. In addition to this, Valkre technology allows us to adapt our vests with a specific customer in mind.

The female vest shape is modified to be ergonomic, with added attention to buoyancy and lightweight material. From a ballistics performance standpoint, every vest is rigorously tested and Global Armour take great honour in providing buyers with the reassurance they need, to make a well-informed, individually tailored purchase. We recognise the varying demands of ballistic clothing must be suitable to a variety of customers, with a multitude of uses. We are devoted to prioritising customer requirements, including customisable options, guaranteeing you freedom to select the perfect vest for your needs.