The Fabric We Use

image for fabric page3KnightHawk Vests are passionate about protection. Through comprehensive research, we are confident every product we offer, uses optimum technology – even down to the patented fabric we select. Its tensile strength is 10 times higher than steel and 40 % higher than aramid fabrics used in armoured clothing. Our entire inventory utilises this advanced fabric, providing crucial protection whilst remaining flexible and functional.

It is particularly imperative for soft body armour pieces, to use strongly specialised material. It must cater to a variety of confrontations, and offer the maximum defence a reinforced fabric can. Our certified fabric, has been tested collectively, and is emerging as the upmost high quality protection for a cohort of situations. Water resistant and lightweight, it enables our vests to float in water, whilst remaining UV protected.

PEUD fabric (Polyethylene) has been expertly reinforced to handle an array of conflicts as confidently as steel would. With excellent temperature resistance, improved durability and extended lifetime, polyethylene provides ultimate protection whilst significantly improving the user experience when wearing the vest.

As it incorporates movement sensitive technology, PEUD’s tactile qualities are unique in the current market. Ensuring moisture control and breathability alongside uncompromised defence; reinforced polyethylene is increasingly becoming recognised as a flagship fabric, particularly in the field of performance to weight ratio.

The material is specially treated and finished to achieve maximum energy disperse from projectile impact, thus minimising trauma. We carry a multitude of ballistic packages with various grades of material options to satisfy even the most demanding customers’ needs. However, KnightHawk Vests are delighted to offer this supreme, ‘10 times stronger than steel’ fabric as standard with all our products.