About Us


About us

KnightHawk Vests recognise the ever changing global climate and are intent on extending our network of suitable and safe clothing so it is universally accessible. Our main goal is to offset specific threats by achieving the highest level of protection with the lowest possible weight. Without compromise, our products employ cutting edge technology, coupled with continuous testing. We take every opportunity to ensure an exceptional standard of verified products are available.

We appreciate it can often be overwhelming and the decision to choose armour can be a difficult one. Making the process simple for our customers has always been a priority, but making an uninformed decision also runs the risk of leaving you with the wrong body armour. KnightHawk Vests consistently aims to alleviate these concerns. Together with Valkre Armour Systems, we confidently maintain a fully researched inventory of body armour pieces such as bullet proof vests, and covert ballistic clothing, all customisable to your own requirements.

Our staff are well experienced professionals at selecting and vetting all of our ballistic products. They take pride in assuring customers’ understanding of each product as well as the importance of feeling safe. We value well-developed, expertly tested products, with undoubtable performance. Our devoted team work with the appreciation that everyone’s role at KnightHawk Vests has a direct effect on the safety and protection of many many lives.

We honour our position to help those with protective clothing requirements and are dedicated to create a market availability that allows every individual to have a say in their own safety. KnightHawk Vests welcome those wishing to buy wholesale, purchase a bulk order or act as a drop shipper, and are more than willing to offer additional information and advice. If you are an authorised third party wishing to become stockists for our body armour items, or to learn more about re-seller opportunities currently on offer, please contact us.